Research Paper Author & Researcher Year Finished
Money Management    
Art of Money Management Yiqiao Yin Jan. 2017
Trading and Secondary Market    
Buy Signal From Limit Theory: An Empirical Investigation Yiqiao Yin Jun. 2020
Buy Signal from Limit Theorem Yiqiao Yin May 2018
Time Series Analysis on Stock Returns Yiqiao Yin May 2017
Martingale to Optimal Trading Yiqiao Yin Oct. 2016
Anomaly Correction by Trading Frequency [3] (Slide) Yiqiao Yin Sep. 2016
Absolute Alpha with Moving Averages: A Consistent Trading Strategy (Slide) Yiqiao Yin Apr. 2016
Absolute Alpha with Limited Leverage Yiqiao Yin Feb. 2016
Absolute Alpha by Beta Manipulation Yiqiao Yin Oct. 2014
Trade Dynamics with Endogenous Contact Rate Yiqiao Yin May 2016
Empirical Asset pricing    
Empirical Study on Greed [2] Yiqiao Yin Jan. 2016
Alternative Empirical Study on Market Value Balance Sheet [2] Yiqiao Yin Dec. 2015
Empirical Study on Market Value Balance Sheet (MVBS) Yiqiao Yin Nov. 2015
Cross-section Study on Stock Returns to Future-expectation Theorem Yiqiao Yin Oct. 2015
How to Understand Future Returns of a Security? [1] Yiqiao Yin Winter 2014

[1] Original edition published in Journal of Undergraduate Research Fall 2013. Volume 12. Issue 1. Available online JUR at University of Rochester.
[2] Data from Wharton Research Data Service and Ken French Data Library.
[3] Original edition published in Columbia Undergraduate Science Journal. Volume 11. Spring 2017. pp.4-7. Available online CUSJ at Columbia University.
[4] Proprietary information. Contact me via LinkedIn if you are interested.

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