These are my private collections. This gallery has open sources that are not-for-profit though many of their advanced adaptions can directly adopted in industrial application. Machines are logical extension of human will. So suit up!

This app has an AI back-end that implements most information needed to make sound decisions in stock market. Decisions do not limit to trading or investing and do not subject to any style.

This page outlines the philosophy and a series of tool kits used in building AI implemented in the application from the first link. | YIN’s Q Branch

This is an open R package published on Github for statistical machine learning and predictive modeling at both academic and industrial level. | YinsRLab

This is official quantitative and statistical software package by Yin’s Capital. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is logical extension of human will. At Yin’s Capital, we investigate marketable securities through not only the lens of human experience but also by machine power to discover and fully extract the intrinsic value of securities. | R and Python.

This is the official AI-driven solution offered by W.Y.N. Associates. WYN aims to build the best data science lab with the assistance of smart brains and AI-driven technologies for our local and global clients. With the advancement of WYN’s Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) technology, we drive a set of processes and methods that allows human users to comprehend and trust the results and output created by machine learning algorithms. | Python

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