A Letter From Yiqiao Yin

Dear Esteemed Shareholder,

As a fellow market enthusiast, I understand the quest for the perfect investment strategy. Should we rely on fundamentals, technicals, or the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence? To answer this, I draw inspiration from the legendary martial artist, Bruce Lee, and his philosophy, “Be shapeless, like water.”

Consider the stock market as a formidable opponent. It’s powerful and unpredictable, but it’s not infallible. Our goal is to understand this opponent, to anticipate its moves, and to capitalize on its mistakes. We aim to generate positive alpha and capture beta amidst market volatility, using a systematic and integrated approach.

In this era of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, we’re equipped with computational tools that allow us to understand the market’s irrationality better. Our strategy is to make fewer mistakes and leverage technology to usher in the next generation of investment.

Our company philosophy encapsulates this approach:

 “The real value of money management resides somewhere in creating, integrating, and specializing an objective approach subjectively on analysis of irrational security rationally.”

In simpler terms, we aim to be like water in the stock market, flowing unimpeded and undeterred, regardless of the obstacles thrown our way. Our approach is timeless, free from rigid models and strategic plans, and designed to withstand any financial and economic turbulence.

We practice an efficient approach, being active in an inactive way, striking back when the opponent’s momentum wanes, and anticipating irrational financial moves rationally. The challenge lies not in computational difficulty but in overcoming our own fears.

We blend classical security analysis, modern asset pricing, and machine learning techniques to tackle big data problems. We believe in an integrated approach, constantly learning and improving. This ever-learning philosophy is our intrinsic value.

The journey to mastering this philosophy requires commitment, passion, and resilience. It’s not about how much money you aim to make, but how deep your desire is to understand the market and learn from mistakes. Ultimately, it’s the mind and emotional resilience that turn the tide, reduce mistakes, and lead to greater achievements.


Yiqiao Yin