WYN Education Candidacy Research Program

What do we do?

We lead 1-on-1 candidacy research program to coach students to develop personalized AI-based research project that leads to profitable entrepreneurial concepts and/or publishable research papers. Throughout our consulting service, you will meet with our expert coach 1-to-1 on a weekly basis to develop your project. Unlike a standalone paper or school project, we aim for industry practice and profit generation. So yes, our project can lead to profit driven start-up ideas. We will not take any ownership if this program led to a startup of yours. We only want to help you transform your idea into a Machine Learning-based or AI-based program such that you could take charge of the work and move it above and beyond. Though most of our students are pre-college level and undergraduate level, we encourage everyone from any age group to apply!

Who are we?

We are a group of passionate Ivy League students who are eager to help you to be successful in becoming your own Data Scientist! The instructor team has come from solely Ivy League universities and we have 5+ years experience coaching students (from age 15 to 48) to learn about transforming ideas to AI-based research project. 

What makes us unique?

Unlike other online program where you learn data science and machine learning, we stand out because we want to help you all the way. We do not treat our students as youngsters that we nurture and babysit. We treat our students as clients and we are the consultants to help you to be successful. In addition, our expertise do not only reside in teaching, because we come from both industry and academic environment where we know what the next step looks like in your future! And we take these perspectives into account when working with our clients. Whether you are pre-college level, undergraduate, graduate or working adults, we want to help. We have expertise each step of the way to help you becoming successful in your career!


A brief overview of how to do a pre-college or college research program is presented in the following video.

Our students reflected their experiences and we help them to get pass these pain spots. Here is a summary of common issues that we summarized into “Five Tips in Data Science“:

Candidacy Research Program

Follow the footsteps of Ivy League graduate students, EURO STOXX and S&P500 Data Scientists to develop a profit-driven and AI-based research program of your own. Develop MLOps and learn to drive and expand a business and economic moat. Some student project can be seen on the right!