W.Y.N. Enterprise offers online education program. Artificial Intelligence is transforming our world, and our online AI program enables business leaders across industries to be pioneers of this transformation. The certificates of our affiliated online education program provides high quality of statistical machine learning education to ensure your success of becoming a Data Scientist or Lead Data Scientist of your dream company. We partner up with Udemy platform and the company courses are listed in the following. Earning the company affiliated courses that are listed below will also gain you advantage in applying to our Analysts and Data Scientists program (see Career).

Intro to FinTech Using R

This course provides basic introductory guidance to FinTech. We cover three sections: (i) basic statistics in money management, (ii) stock market timing, and (iii) asset pricing. This course is for financial and technology enthusiasts. 

Fundamentals in Neural Networks

Deep learning (also known as deep structured learning) is part of a broader family of machine learning methods based on artificial neural networks with representation learning.

This course covers the following three sections: (1) Neural Networks, (2) Convolutional Neural Networks, and (3) Recurrent Neural Networks. You will be receiving around 4 hours of materials on detailed discussion, mathematical description, and code walkthroughs of the three common families of neural networks. The descriptions of each section is summarized below.

W.Y.N. Scholarship

Qualified applicants are eligible for a scholarship to our online AI program. Get in touch and take the first step to amplifying your expertise with some of the most accomplished minds in the field.